January 16

The Causes of Declining Facebook Reach and 3 Solutions to Increase your Reach Again

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By Kornelis Jan Dusseljee

January 16, 2022

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Almighty Algorithm

You won't be the only entrepreneur who sees that his/her Facebook Business Page reach is pretty disappointing. I am not talking about occasional days when few visitors hardly visit your page. No, I am talking about a structural stay away of your visitors.

Look, there are reasons why your Facebook Page occasionally has zero to few hits. Think of causes such as the weather (both good and bad), vacations, the superbowl, etc.

However, that's not what this blog is about because I'm going to talk about the MOST IMPORTANT REASON why your Facebook Business Page disappoints in terms of visitor numbers: the Newsfeed Algorithm, Facebook's Holy Grail.

How do I mean that? Look, Facebook is a social media platform. When people "are" on Facebook, it has to be fun otherwise they will drop out. And that's the last thing Mark Zuckerberg wants of course. After all, the longer people are on Facebook, the more Ads they can see. And these Ads make him richer per minute.

So, what is going on with this Newsfeed Algorithm?

Well, Facebook has seen changes in the behavior of its users. People have started to show more interest in each other and less in posts from Business Pages. For that reason, the Algorithm makes people see more posts from their friends than from businesses. 

For us entrepreneurs hard but a fact. Still, this is not a reason to stop posting on your Business Page altogether. On the contrary, this page remains a great way to stay in touch with your customers for free. But you do have to do something for it.

There are 3 ways to increase the reach of your Facebook Page. So if your Business Page also has little reach, try the solutions below:

1. Schedule great content

Planning your posts is very important. Because if you don't plan, your page will eventually fade into oblivion for lack of up-to-date content. I recommend you to post something on your Facebook page every (working) day. This is not only good for brand awareness of your business but also because through practice you will become better at posting good content.

Now I can already hear you saying that you find it difficult to write something meaningful every day. In that case you can use Content Calendars, which you can easily find on the internet.

In that content calendar, you can then start working with content concepts: recurring formats of Facebook posts.

For example:

Mondays you show something that you have changed in your company. Maybe a new machine, a new employee, a new product, a new fleet, the premises painted, you name it.

Tuesdays you focus what you have on offer on Tuesday and Wednesday and you give an example of what you can do with your product, how you prepare it or how you put it together.

Wednesdays you answer a question from a customer.

Thursday you show what an employee experiences in a day. For example, let the co-driver make a video of the work of the driver with whom he/she is always on the road. Think about how you fill this in.

On Fridays you show how you solved a problem with a customer to their complete satisfaction.

This is of course just one example. You can tailor it to your own company. Once you have drawn up the format diagram, it is always a matter of filling it in.

IMPORTANT: keep it human!


Avatar "Jennifer"

2. Know your Audience better than your Own Mom.

In Holland we have a saying, "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." The same goes for likes. If you want to get likes then you need to come up with posts that are appreciated by your visitors. For that you need to know who your ideal customer (avatar) is. Once you know that, you can properly tailor your posts to that avatar.

Visualize your customer. Make a drawing of it and write down what kind of person it is. Think about gender, occupation, age, interests, type of person (sporty, fair, easy-going, perfectionist, socially-minded, etc.) Give this person a name so they really come to life.

The better your posts are tailored to your target audience, the more interaction you will get and the more reach you will have.

3. Use more than just the Newsfeed.

Oddly enough, most business owners only use one option of Facebook and that is the Newsfeed. That's a shame because Facebook offers much more. For starters, there are the Stories that can make your reach soar. Stories only last 1 minute. People love this in these times when everyone seems to be in a hurry. If you can pack your message into a minute you increase the chances that they will watch it all the way through.

And then, of course, there's the Messenger with a gigantic opening rate that every email marketer envies. It's possible to send Messenger messages from your Facebook Page but also from your Website. In my Master Class I'll show you step by step how to use Messenger marketing in the Chatbots module.

And of course, there's Facebook Live? The ultimate way to get real visibility and connection with your audience. Know, Like & Trust in one fell swoop.

But maybe a Facebook Group is more your thing. In a Facebook Group you can create more depth. That already starts with a "membership". People have to ask for access to this group. That gives people a VIP feeling, an "I belong to a big group of people who want the same thing as me" feeling. That creates great loyalty to your company. No wonder Groups are hugely popular on Facebook. So make use of that!